Every day we read or write innumerable sentences whether it is in newspaper, textbooks, e-mails or messages. And every complete sentence needs two things: a subject and a predicate. But do you know what exactly are they?


  1. Subject– it is the name of some person or thing or whom we are speaking about. ( Noun or pronoun)

ExampleThe sun was shining brightly.

Here, the sun is the subject of the sentence.


  1. Predicate– It is what we say something about that person or a thing. It contains (verb) in the sentence.

Ex – He had a good memory.

Here (he) is the subject and (had a good memory.) is the  predicate.

  • In some cases, subject is also used after predicate.

Example – 1. Here comes the bus.

  1. Here comes the teacher.

 In 1st example, “the bus” is the subject and “Here comes” is the predicate.

   In 2nd example, “the teacher” is the subject and “Here comes” is the predicate.


  • In imperative sentences, the subject is left out of the sentence.

Example – Thank him

Sit down

In these sentences it is understood that “you” is subject but we do not use it in the sentence.

Compound subject and predicate

  • Compound Subjectis a subject with two or more simple subjects (noun or pronouns) joined by a conjunction (and, but, or,).

Example :Jaya and Riya read the same book.


  • Compound Predicateis a predicate with two or more verbs separated by a conjunction (and, but, or).

Example :
jack is talking and eating at the same time.

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