“Mistakes are always forgivable if one has courage to admit them.”

If you often commit mistakes in day to day life, you’re not alone. If someone says he hasn’t committed any mistake ever in life, he must be a robot. It is a human tendency, but one should have the spirit to admit and try not to repeat them.

There are many situations where you apologize for your mistake. And just conveying “sorry” doesn’t work there. So, here is the solution!

In this article, you will find different ways to say “Sorry” in English in various circumstances. These alternatives will gear up your impression and personality in the eyes of others. Thus, Grab them all!

1. My apologies

  It is used as a formal way of apologising your mistake.

Example– I was unable to accomplish my task on time, my apologies for that.

I was busy in some work, so couldn’t attend the party, my apologies. 

2. I owe you an apology.

It’s a formal way of admitting your mistake. It can be used in business deals, to your office colleagues or boss, in schools, colleges or in any formal institution.

Example- I owe you an apology as I am not able to complete my work on time.

3. I sincerely apologise.

We can use it to admit our mistake in a decent manner.

Example- I sincerely apologise for my mistake.

4. I hope you can forgive me

It can be conveyed when you are asking for forgiveness from someone.

Example – I hope you can forgive me after the last night argument.

5. I beg your pardon

  It can be used in both formal and informal situations, when you have done a short and silly mistake.

Example– I beg your pardon, I forgot to bring your book. I will definitely return it tomorrow.

6. Sorry about that

It is used in informal circumstances.

Example- I shouldn’t have asked you about your father’s demise, I am sorry about that.

7. I deeply regret

It is used when you are extremely regretful to somebody. It is appropriate when you have committed a fatal mistake. And now your regretting about it.

Example- I deeply regret to cheat you.

8. My bad

It is an informal way of admitting your mistake. It is generally used in short mistakes.

Ex- Oh! Very sorry for spoiling milk on your t-shirt, my bad. I’ll help you to clean it.

I forgot your birthday, my bad!

9. I didn’t mean to

It is used when some situation is misunderstood, you didn’t intend to do so.

Example- Sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you…

I didn’t mean to say in that way.

10. That was wrong of me.

It is used in informal situations. It can be used while conversing with your peers, family members or any one you know casually.

Example –  I should not yell at you, that was very wrong of me.

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