Radha eats an apple every day.

The earth is moving around the sun.

John is a doctor.

Here, the words an, a, the are called articles.

An article is a word used to modify a noun or a pronoun.They come before nouns.

While reading or writing, you may have come across many sentences having articles in them. We are going to take a look at what an article is and how it is used in a sentence.

There are two different types of articles; –

1.Definite article- The

  1. Indefinite article – a or an

Definite article– The is called definite article. It is used to denote some particular person or thing.

For exampleThe sun rises in the east.

The boy sitting next to me raised his hand.

Please give me the nail.

The boy runs down the road at top speed.

The postman called again.

Indefinite article– A or an is called the indefinite article.

For example-   He wants to be a dancer.

The mouse had a tiny nose.

My mother is an honest woman.

We passed an anxious hour.

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