Do you feel shivering in your whole body when you have to introduce yourself in front of audience? Or you’re tongue-tied when you have to present your self-introduction in an interview? If yes, then don’t get worried about it.

This article will help you to prevent this obstacle of hesitation. We will discuss the steps to formulate the self- introduction. You will also get acknowledged about its importance, uses, examples to practice and some tips to give self-introduction.

What is a Self-Introduction in English?

Self-Introduction refers to introducing oneself in front of others. It denotes your background, occupation, qualifications, hobbies and other relevant details.

Example- Good morning everyone, my name is Riya Sharma. I am from Mumbai, India. I have completed my graduation in Humanities. I am looking forward for my post-graduation course. I enjoy reading books and learning new things. My ambition is to become a successful lecturer in English language.

Why Self-Introduction is Important?

Self -Introduction is essential at everyplace. It demonstrates your professional identity. It also helps you to create favourable impression in front of others. It shows how much you are confident about yourself and boost up your self-esteem.  A perfect self-introduction can provide you much better working opportunities. It will add value to your job and personality.

Where we can give our Introduction?

One can ask you to give self-introduction in a job-interview, meeting, conference, seminar or a workshop. It can also be your school, college, office, event or any formal institution. Self- introduction varies according to the places. One can adjust specific details as per the purpose and situation.

Steps To Prepare Your Self-Introduction

If you get flummoxed while giving your introduction, thinking how to start and what to say next, you’re not alone. It happens to most of the people, they do not get matter to say even if it is about themselves. To avoid this embarrassing situation, one should be prepared to give introduction at any time or anywhere.

Here are some steps to prepare your self-introduction:-

1. Greetings- The very first step of your introduction is greetings. Whenever we meet someone, we first wish them. Similarly in your introduction, you need to greet the listeners with courtesy.

For example- a. Good morning/ evening/ afternoon

b. Hello, Pleased to meet you.

c. Hello, how are you?

 2. NameThe second step is to introduce your name. It is the most basic thing we do when we meet someone. Never say your name using “Myself”. Instead of that you can present it in two ways:

a. My name is…………

b. I’m………….

3. Age- – People say ladies never tell their age to anyone. Although it’s a humor but speaking about your age in self-introduction is optional. If you wish to say, here is the simplest way to present:

Example- I’m 30 years old.

4. Place- Next step is to tell about the place you were born in or later shifted to. You need to mention your city, state and country (if necessary). If you have changed your residence from your hometown then mention both of them.

Example- I am from Delhi.

I was born in Delhi later shifted to Mumbai.

I have been living in Mumbai for last 3 months.

5. Qualifications/ University – Now, you will brief about your qualifications. You can also mention your university or college name.

Ex- I have successfully completed my graduation from Delhi University.

I have done Bachelor’s in arts.

I am a mechanical engineer.

6. Experience / work place- Your next step will be to acknowledge others about your work or experience in a field.

Ex- I am currently working at _______.

I am currently working at Reliance firm.

I am an assistant professor in Delhi University.

I have worked at K.L firm for 5 years.

7. Ambition/ Future Plans- Another point to include in your self-introduction is your ambition. Brief others about your future plans in life. It can be related to your career or other specific goals.

Ex- I am looking forward to complete my Ph.D. in English literature.

I wish to become an IAS officer.

8. Hobbies- There are several activities in which we are interested. It may or may not be our career but we feel delighted in doing them. Brief others about the activities you are keen in.

Ex- I am keen in reading books.

In my leisure time, I spend time in listening music.

I enjoy dancing freely.

9.About Family- After a brief introduction about yourself, it’s time to tell about your family. Include how many members are there in your family, who all are they? Introducing your family is not necessary when you’re giving introduction in an interview.

Ex- We’re five members in our family.

We are a family of five.

10. Conclusion- Always end your introduction with a pleasant note.

Example- I wish to make my family proud by becoming a successful person in life. Thank you for being patient listeners.

Example of Self-Introduction in an Interview

Good morning, my name is Riya Sharma [mention your name]. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to present myself. I originally belong to Delhi [place you were born in] and have been later shifted to Mumbai [place shifted to]. I have completed [mention your qualifications]. I have [number of years] years of experience in [field].I am keen in [hobbies relevant to field].. I am looking forward to be a part of your team. Thank you for considering my application.


Example of Self-Introduction for a student.

Good morning everyone, my name is Rohit Sharma [mention your name]. I am 13 years [mention your age] old. I live in Jaipur, Rajasthan [mention your place]. I am currently studying at [Name of School or College]. My favourite subjects are [mention your subjects]. I enjoy cycling and playing cricket [mention your hobbies]. I wish to become a successful cricketer in future [mention your future plans]. We are 5 members in a family: my father, mother, sister and a brother. I love my family and I wish to make them proud. Thank you.

5 Best Tips To Introduce Yourself Effectively

  1. Be Confident– While giving the self-introduction, one should be confident enough to cast a long-lasting impression on others. Your confidence shows how much you are acknowledged about yourself.
  2. Eye-contact- Eye contact is very essential in a conversation. When you’re articulating your views, always maintain an eye-contact with the listeners. It depicts your confidence and attract the attention of listeners towards your words.
  3. Posture should be erect Your body language should be erect. It exhibits your personality and empowerment. If your posture is not correct, it depicts that you lack confidence.
  4. Don’t repeat the words Keep your introduction concise and clear. Do not repeat your words. Be prepared in advance.
  5. Have a smile on your face Always wear a smile on your face. It gives a perfect outlook of your personality. It will also assist you to cast a good impact on others.
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