What are Possessive nouns?


Possessive noun– Nouns which are used to show possession or ownership are called possessive noun.

Ex- Riya has a dog. —> This is Riya’s dog.

That is Rahul’s bag.

This is my father’s car.

The use of an apostrophe and s (‘s) at the end of the noun usually denotes possessive form or ownership.


Use of Possessive form

There are some points to remember while forming the possessive form. Consider these rules carefully.


  • With singular noun add apostrophe (‘s) at the end of it.


Ex- book- book’s

car- car’s

pen- pen’s

father- father’s


  • With plural noun, that ends with s, add apostrophe (‘) at the end.

Ex- boys- boys’

speakers- speakers’

teachers- teachers’


In English language, there are many plural nouns which do not ends with (s) like- women, men, children, etc. These will end with apostrophe (‘s) only. On the other hand, those plural nouns which ends with “s” like- girls, boys, tables, will have only apostrophe (‘) at the end.



  • I went to Jack’s
  • Suhana’s dog is very cute.
  • This is the boys’
  • My parents’house is a lovely old one.
  • All of the books’pages are ruined.


In these examples, we can see how to form possessive nouns using apostrophe (‘) along with (s), according to the singular or plural noun in the sentence.

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