Do you understand English well but can’t speak it confidently? Do you try to avoid conversations in English, finding it difficult to frame sentences while speaking? This hesitation may even turn into an obstacle in your interviews and jobs. If you can easily relate to these problems, then you are not alone! Many people are facing such issues when speaking English. 

Speaking English without hesitation is something everyone desires. When you can speak English fluently, you possess a unique identity! However, some people are unable to manage time and expenses for English speaking courses. But don’t worry, there’s a solution for all!

If you also wish to speak English confidently, you can achieve this step even at home! Here are 10 effective ways to build confidence in speaking English at home.


10 Effective Ways to Build Confidence in Speaking English at Home

  • Fun learning

    English learning can be very fun and interesting. You can learn English by watching movies, web-series and listening to songs. Yes, it’s quite true. While enjoying movies, you can absorb new words and phrases used in different situations. Then you can use these words or sentences in your day-to-day conversation. Remember, these words should be appropriate. Avoid using slang language. Also, listen to English songs repeatedly and sing them aloud. This will enhance your confidence in speaking English.

  • Mirror Practice: Read aloud

    One simple step to practice speaking English at home is to read aloud in front of a mirror. Stand in front of a mirror, hold a newspaper or a book, and read it aloud. Read it at a high pitch, as much as you can. This exercise will help you to remove the hesitation of speaking English in front of others. 

  • Discover new words

    Another great way to practice speaking English is to explore new words. Write 5 words daily with their meanings. Now, make two sentences for each word. You don’t need to memorise these words. You will automatically remember them while conversing in English. When you have a good amount of vocabulary, your confidence will be swiftly enhanced.

  • Conversation with your close ones

    Start basic conversations in English at your home, with your family members or friends. Initially, you might feel hesitant, but in a few days, you’ll become habitual of it. Use simple sentences in your daily conversation. For Example- “Please bring me a glass of water,” “How was your day?” or “Your dinner is ready!”

         When you’ll start conversing in English, your hesitation will vanish away.

  • Learn from your mistakes

    Do you become nervous when people correct your English? Don’t be afraid! Initially, everyone makes mistakes. Some people may correct you and others may mock you. Don’t be angry with them. Be calm and learn from their corrections. If someone is correcting you, it’s beneficial for you. Remember, If someone is making fun of you, be patient and find the correct way to say it.

  • Record yourself

    A very basic step to build confidence in yourself is self- analysis. Record your voice while reading a paragraph or narrating a story on your mobile recorder. Listen to it and judge yourself. Find your own mistakes. Repeat it several times until you feel confident enough to speak it accurately.

  • Speak slowly and clearly

    To look like fluent English speakers, people often try to speak in a hurry. Don’t do it! When you’re learning, speak slowly, clearly and accurately. If you speak in a hurry, you may tend to make mistakes. Speaking fluently doesn’t mean speaking inaccurately. So, practice it slowly and correctly. Gradually, you’ll become fluent in speaking English.

  • Practice daily

    A very crucial key is practicing regularly. Set a time goal to practice speaking English daily. Spoken English needs daily practice for a period of time. To become habitual at speaking English, you need to daily converse with others in English.

  • Think in English

    If you have to sound like a confident English speaker, start thinking in English. It can be your first thought in the morning, brooding over a topic at noon, conversing with friends in the evening, or thinking about replies in conversation at night. All the thoughts in your mind should be in English.

  • Believe in yourself

    When you have started believing in yourself, half of your goal is accomplished. You just need to have faith in yourself. Daily recall in your mind, “I can do it. I can speak English confidently.” It will help you to gain confidence and remove the fear of speaking English. 

If you follow these tips daily, nobody can stop you from achieving your destiny. BE UNSTOPPABLE

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