The journey of learning any language is never so easy! Especially, when we talk about learning the English language, you may find many obstacles in the path of your destiny. Sometimes, people may cause hindrance in your growth. Not by their actions, but by their words! They may crowd up your mind with myths, stereotypes, misconceptions and misguided advice. These myths may pull you back from your skill development. You might even start losing interest in learning the English language. In this case, one should not divert his mind and should focus on his goal to achieve.

Nowadays, the English language has become an indispensable part of our lives.  One should learn this language, in order to expand his horizons. Many people think that learning English is a rocket science, but it is not so. It is one of the easiest languages to study. Only the learners of the English language should be determined and optimistic about it. Their minds should be free from all myths and misconceptions. Then only they will be able to develop their English language skills. So, here are 10 Myths about learning the English language which you must not believe! Also, you will learn how to avoid these myths.

10 English Learning Myths

MYTH#1 – Master Grammatical Rules – When learning the English language, it is important to remember that it is not necessary to memorise all grammatical rules. English is not all about recitation of grammar rules, but it is a way of effective communication. Perfection comes through practice, both in written and oral form. Basic knowledge of grammar is necessary but ultimately you will achieve your language goal by regular practice.

MYTH#2 – Age Limits To Learning – Learning has no age limits! If someone ever says “You can’t learn English at this age!” don’t believe him. There are no restrictions on when you can start learning and practicing English. Never be disheartened by this myth.

MYTH#3 – Learning English Is Too Expensive– People usually believe that learning English is quite expensive. However, this is far from the truth. You can learn English even free of cost. There are numerous resources available to practice at home, such as reading English books and newspapers, conversing with others, reading aloud in front of a mirror, expanding your vocabulary. Additionally, there are various educational channels available on platforms like Youtube and Instagram. The only key to mastering this language skill is to practice regularly. It will definitely fetch you positive results. 

MYTH#4 –Learning English Is Quiet Difficult- There is a misconception that English is difficult to study. In fact, it’s one of the easiest languages to learn. It only requires daily practice to develop your skills in this language. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!

MYTH#5- Only One Correct Way Of Speaking English-  English is a diverse language with a variety of accents, styles and regional elements. Some mistakenly believe that there is only one correct way of speaking English. They may consider the other way to be incorrect. However, In reality, there are various ways, accents and forms of this language. 

MYTH#6 – To Be Well-Versed With Literature – It is absolutely not true that you need to be well acquainted with English literature to speak English fluently. English fluency can be achieved by practicing daily, expanding vocabulary and basic understanding of grammar.

MYTH#7 – Need To Be Native – You don’t have to belong to an English speaking native country. English can be learned from any part of the world, regardless of your native language.

MYTH#8- Native Speakers Are Always Superior – It is not necessary that all native speakers are proficient in English language. Many times, even non-native speakers excel in English. They have far more knowledge than native ones.

MYTH#9 – Informal Languages Are Incorrect- Many people think that informal language is incorrect, such as “won’t”, “gonna”, “ wanna”, “dunno”,etc. Nowadays, slang is used widely on the internet, social media and in informal conversations. It’s important to use them appropriately, as they are a legitimate part of your language. 

MYTH#10 – Speaking English Is Showing Off – Speaking English should never be seen as showing off your status or position. It is just a medium of communication. One should not relate it with status or position. Regardless of what others may think, keep learning and improving your language skills. Never let negative comments discourage you on your language learning journey.

How To Avoid English Learning Myths?

To avoid falling for myths when learning the English language, it’s essential to adopt a clear and effective learning strategy. Here are some tips to avoid language learning myths:

  1. Practice Regularly– It is a crucial key for language development. One must practice daily to improve English language skills. There are several ways to practice even at home. Simply, you have to dedicate time each day for English practice. 
  2. Prioritise Communication – While basic understanding of grammar is necessary, one should focus more on communication for gaining fluency in English.
  3. Learn From Your Mistakes– One should never get disappointed by committing mistakes. Instead, learn from your mistakes. Correct yourself and progress forward.
  4. Focus On Your Goal – Never get disheartened by myths and misconceptions. Don’t consider them seriously. Always focus on your goal and make efforts to achieve it.
  5. Stay Confident– Whatever people speak, you should be confident enough in your own skills. Some people may motivate you, others may try to discourage you. You just need to believe in yourself without being influenced by others. 
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