One Word Substitution with Meaning and Examples

Isn’t it too monotonous to write without good use of vocabulary? Your lengthy explanations will make your reader exit to it. Writing in brief with superior quality of words make the reader stick to it. For that you need to have a good knowledge of vocabulary.

One word substitution is when we replace a long explanation or a sentence with only one word. Instead of writing so long, you can just use a word in the place of it.  It also enhances the grace of your literary work.

One word substitution is included in the syllabus of General English paper of many competitive examinations. So, if you’re also preparing for an English exam or you want to increase your vocabulary, here are some one word substitutions along with examples.



1. The one who loves books- Bibliophile

Ex – Jacob is a bibliophile; he can finish a book in just few hours.


2. The one who eats too much- Glutton

Ex- He is a glutton as a result he has to work hard to lose weight.


3. The one who has many skills – Versatile

Ex – His ambition is to become a versatile actor.


4. The one who sees the brighter side of things- Optimistic

Ex – We should always be optimistic in life.


5. The one loves music – Melophile

Ex- He can spend his whole day listening to music; He is really a melophile.


6. The one who has tendency to talk a lot – Loquacious

Ex- She is loquacious in nature.


7. The one who doesn’t believe in god – Atheist

Ex- He is an atheist but he still believes in spiritual power.


8. The one who opposes war – Pacifist

Ex- The previous government was pacifist in nature.


9. The one who is slow to learn – Dunce

Ex- He is absolutely a dunce; he took 1 month to learn just few dance steps.


10. The one who trust others so easily- Gullible

Ex- She is so innocent and gullible that anyone can take advantage of her.


11. The one who walks on foot.- Pedestrian

Ex- This road is for pedestrians.


12. The one who pretends to be someone else- Imposter

Ex- You’re such an imposter!


13- A charitable or helpful person- Samaritan

Ex- She frequently donate things to needy persons, she is truly a Samaritan.


14- The one who talks in sleep- somniloquist

Ex- This story is about a lady who is a somniloquist.


15- The one who writes with both the hands. – ambidextrous

Ex-  Our professor is an ambidextrous. He is exceptionally talented in his field.

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