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Are you preparing for an English exam? In many competitive exams, Synonyms and antonyms are often asked in English papers. Most of us get confused about how to learn them? Here are frequently asked synonyms and antonyms along with their meaning and example, so it will be easier for you to learn them.

Q-: In the following questions out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.


  1. Lucid – (something which is clear or expressed clearly.)

Ex- She has neat and lucid handwriting.

(A) Audible

(B) Clear

(C) Distinct

(D) Reasonable


  1. Robust- (strong and healthy)

Ex- He has a robust personality.

(A) Stupid

(B) Powerful

(C) Useless

(D) Ignorant


  1. Lament – (an expression of grief or sorrow.)

 Ex- He was lamenting the death of his wife.

  1. Grieve
  2. Relieve
  3. Celebrate
  4. Loud


  1. Vindictive – (Showing a strong desire for revenge.)

Ex- He cancelled her job opportunity with vindictive desire.

(a) Imaginative

(b) Accusative

(c) malice– (Desire to harm someone)

(d) Aggressive


  1. Brutal – (Violent, unpleasant or harsh.)

              Ex- He did a brutal attack on him.

(a) Sympathetic

(b) Compassionate

(c) Humane

(d) Savage


  1. Abjure – (Refuse or resign a right or position)

Ex- Finally, he decided to abjure his post.

(a) Renounce – (formally refuse any claim, right, or position)

(b) Announce (to declare)

(c) Pronounce

(d) Denounce (publicly declare to be wrong or evil.)


  1. Disgrace – (loss of reputation)

Ex- He has disgraced himself by using abusive language in the office.

(a) Glory

(b) Jealousy

(c) Disregard

(d) Dishonour


  1. Vivacious – (lively and full of excitement – typically used of a woman.)

                  Ex- She is a beautiful and vivacious woman.

(a) Poisonous

(b) Energetic

(c) Tricky

(d) Slow



  1. Novice – (a person new to and inexperienced in a situation.)

        Ex He is a novice in content marketing.

  1. Trainer
  2. Learner
  3. Beginner
  4. Virtuous


  1. Luminous – (Something which is light; bright or shining.)

Ex- There is one luminous object in the darkroom.

(A) Fragment

(B) Grain

(C) Atom

(D) Bright


Q- Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

  1.  Demure – (reserved, modest, and shy)

(a) humble

(b) bold (fearless)

(c) coy

(d). sober


  1. Finite (Limited in size or extent.)

(a) finished

(b) limited

(c) bound

(d) endless


  1. Myriad – (Countless in number)






  1. Meticulous – (Very careful and precise.)

(a) Forgetful

(b) Destructive

(c) Careless

(d) Flagrant



  1. Inflammable – (Easy to catch fire)

(a) Combustible

(b) Non-flammable

(c) flammable

(d) Excitable



  1. Placid (calm and peaceful with little movement or activity)

(a) Dull

(b) Stormy (characterized by violent emotions or behaviour)

(c) Urgent

(d) Moving



  1. Tremulous (Shaking or quivering slightly.)

(a) Steady

(b) Obese

(c) Young

(d) Healthy


  1. Adulteration(Making impure)

(a) Purification –(making something pure by removing substances that are dirty)

(b) Normalization

(c) Rejuvenation

(d) Consternation


  1. Equilibrium – (Balance)

(a) Work out

(b) Disturb

(c) Imbalance

(d) Unevenness


  1. Relinquish – (give up)


(a) Relish

(b) Continue

(c) Vanish

(d) Quench

Hope you find it useful!  Wish you all luck for your exam.

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