We use many sentences in our day to day conversations…but these sentences do not look impressive without adjectives…Adjectives flourish the English language.

An Adjective is a word that describes a noun or an another adjective in a sentence.

Ex- Sita is a clever girl.

Here, clever is an adjective and girl is a noun.

Look at some another examples of adjectives…….

They live in a beautiful house.

She wore a beautiful dress.

He possesses an attractive personality.

Tom is the tallest man in the town.

Jimmy has perfect features.

Kinds Of Adjective

  1. Adjective of quality
  2. Adjective of quantity
  3. Adjective of number
  4. Demonstrative adjective
  5. Interrogative adjective
  1. Adjective of Quality– It shows the kind or quality of a person or a thing.

     Ex- she is a shy girl.

This box is of redcolour.

He is a professional player.

*Adjective formed from proper nouns, such as French wines, Turkish tobacco, Indian tea etc, are called proper adjective.

*adjective of quality answers the question of what kind?

2. Adjective of QuantityIt shows how much a thing is meant.

  • Adjective of quantity answers the question- how much?

Ex- Add some sugar in tea.

There was food enough for all.

Workers have completed most of their work.

We need to buy some coffee.

  • These are uncountable nouns.

3. Adjective of NumberIt shows how many persons or things.

Ex- There are five books.

She has two watches.

He has six pens.

*adjective of number answers the question- how many?

  • Adjective of number are of three types:-

 Definite numeral adjective– It denote an exact number.

Ex- one, two, three – cardinals

First, second, third – ordinals

  • Indefinite numeral adjective– It do not denote any exact number.

Ex- all, few, so, many, etc

He lost the few friends he had.

He has sold all the books.

  • Distributive– it refer to each one of number

Ex- Eachgirl in class.

Either of the ways is correct.

4. Demonstrative adjective– A word that directly indicates a person/thing or few people and few things. The demonstrative words are that, those, this,and these.

Ex-These mangoes are rotting.

That dress looks good on you.

This tie is too tight.

That tree is beautiful.

5. Interrogative adjectiveIt is used to ask questions.

Ex- Which pen do you like more?

Whose pants did you wear?

What reward will they give us?

Whose bag will I carry?

  1. Emphasizing adjective– the words own and very are used as emphasizing adjective.

Example–  He arranged the entire party with his own efforts.

That is the very book that my wife wanted to purchase.

  1. Exclamatory adjective – the word what is sometimes used as exclamatory adjective.

Example– What an idea!

What a beautiful flower it is!

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